About the 'Channel'

K.C. has provided insights and counseling to men and women of all ages
and stages – which has allowed them a better understanding of circumstance and self.

During her spiritual journey, K.C. has channelled various energies. When channelling,
her innate sensitivities and intuitiveness provide added dimension to her readings.
She is a 3rd generation intuitive.

K.C. is also a Certified Reiki Master, trained in both Eastern and Western traditions. 
She has used this training to treat those in physical and mental distress, including
and the terminally ill.

Recognizing that she routinely offered astute and perceptive channelled insights during
day-to-day interactions, she formalized this aspect of her life by completing a
‘Channeling as a Professional’ course.

Her dedication and boundless energy, combined with her experience, wisdom and understanding, is valued by all she has served.



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