If you are going to be wise - know the source of wisdom

When a Psychic reads for you, information is obtained from a fusion of your energy field
and the psychic's energy field.


With a Channelled Reading, there is no fusing of energy fields. The Channel connects with his/her  "guides" (a Higher Source of Wisdom). The Channel's "guides" gather the information, and the Channel delivers the message(s).


Born a Channel, K.C. is a direct connection for knowledge from 'Source' to you.

K.C.'s "guides" are neither spirit guides, nor those who have passed, but rather an entity of energy from 'Source' (Universal Life Force energy). Information is funnelled directly through her to you - hence, the term “Channel".

Everything she is hearing, feeling and seeing is exactly what she tells you. Therefore, K.C  requires no tools or aids when Channelling for you.

The insights you receive are specific, individual and straightforward.

Often the message is what you need to know, not always what you want to hear.

Should you ask questions that include time frames, please understand that most guides do not have the same concept of time and space as we do - and we all have freedom of choice which can affect the entire fabric of everything.


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